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Wood Types & Services:

Millwork Finishing & Restoration
Furniture Finishing & Restoration
Color Matching/Control Samples
Exterior Wood Refinishing & Maintenance    Environmentally responsible, LEED compliant coatings Touch-Up Repair Restoration & Maintenance
Historical Preservation & Conservation
Specialty Finishing Services
Wood Finish Evaluation/Consulting

Finely appointed woodwork is the finishing touch that illustrates an architect's commitment to quality, craftsmanship and high design. Gustav Stickley, America's great furniture maker called it the "fullest poetry" of architecture.

Unlike Metal and Stone which is a static material, Wood is a complex material with many different characteristics and is an ever changing material that requires a highly skilled, knowledgeable and delicate approach.  It is important to understand the function of wood finishes used and the environment in which they are placed while maintaining the intent or "look" that the designing architect intended.

Hastings offers its clients a complete spectrum of wood maintenance services from quality maintenance programs to complete restoration services. Click here for our Services Overview Hastings service overview 


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