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Hastings offers its clients a complete spectrum of stone maintenance services from quality maintenance programs to complete restoration services.

Stone Types & Services:

Marble Restoration & Maintenance
Granite Restoration & Maintenance
Limestone Restoration & Maintenance
Diamond Polishing & Honing
Stone Sealing & Impregnator Applications
Repair, Grouting, Replacement & Fabrication
Fountain Cleaning & Repairs
Travertine & Terrazzo Restoration & Maintenance
Exterior Building Façade Cleaning

For centuries our monuments and landmarks have been built with the most durable and lasting material known throughout the ancient world: STONE. From the sandstone used in the great pyramids to the intricate marble mosaics of Rome, natural stone has been used to build the great architecture of the world.

Historically, it has been commercial practice to group stones within performance and behavioral groups as opposed to true scientific definition.. While scientifically there are hundreds of rock type identifications, only nine groups are commonly acknowledged commercially: Granite, Limestone, Marble, Onyx, Quartzite, Sandstone, Serpentine, Slate, Soapstone, and Travertine. Natural stone can be classified into two general categories according to its composition: "Siliceous stone" or "Calcareous stone."


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