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Hastings Architectural Restoration is a specialty service company providing Wood, Stone, and Metal restoration services to the commercial, residential and institutional buildings markets. Hastings is committed to the development and maintenance of practices that promote sustainability and decrease the production of waste and hazardous materials.

Green Seal
Hastings is a driving force in the development of the GS-47 standard covering wood stains and finishes as well as clear metal coatings.
Hastings uses CRI Green Label equipment which improves indoor air quality during on-site restorations. 
Green Seal
The Hastings management has completed  GS-42 training and achieved certification. 
Hastings uses indoor coatings that meet the California EPA VOC standards which minimizes air pollution in a building's ecosystem.  
Green Seal
Hastings restoration team works with GS-37 approved products and microfiber technology in all of our restoration and maintenance services.

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